Companies of all sizes regularly look for innovative ways to:

  • Improve Employee Morale, Wellness, and Productivity
  • Reduce Health Insurance Costs
  • Decrease Corporate Tax Burden
  • Cultivate a Brand Synonymous with Charitable Giving and Social Good

Believe it or not, all of these objectives can be accomplished through our Powered by Fanthropy® Virtual Running Events!


A virtual run, also known as a virtual race, is an event that can be run in any location, at any time, at any pace.

Participants can walk, jog, or run; use the treadmill, hit the road, sidewalk or trail; they can even participate in another “real-world” race. It’s completely up to each person!

An event where everyone wins. And we mean everyone.

You choose and register your employees for one (or more) of our Fanthropy Running Events. Each participant will receive an incredible fandom-themed finisher medal for that event based on any of our many represented fan domains, or for an extra fee, have a custom medal designed just for your organization. They can then complete the distance any way they want! They could complete it on their own time from their home, gym or trail. They could join up with co-workers to go for a lunch-break walk. You might even organize a team-building event for staff to complete the distance together!

The cost per participant counts directly for your company’s charitable donations for the year, offsetting taxable income for your business. Employees may also get credit with your health insurance provider for completing the distance, which can boost your existing wellness program and potentially reduce overall insurance costs.

The best for your team. The best for your brand.

Progressive companies also want to cultivate a positive corporate brand. To that end, all Powered by Fanthropy® partners will get a “welcome” post on our social media channels letting our 100,000 followers know that your company has joined us in supporting employee wellness while making a positive change in the world. Your company’s logo and website link will also be added to website roster of Corporate Wellness Program partners.

  • Employees healthier, happier, and more motivated
  • Taxes and health insurance costs reduced
  • Positive and charitable corporate messaging

Contact us today at 731-FANDOMS (731-326-3667) or email to find unique ways your company can benefit!

Download the Powered by Fanthropy® Corporate Wellness Program summary (PDF) for your convenience.