As our global community focuses on individual and collective safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain resolute in doing everything possible as an organization to join in and support those efforts. While so many of us look forward to the Direct Impact Projects (DIPs) that demonstrate our ability to coordinate a wildly successful international goods drive, the risks associated with conducting such a project at this time outweigh the benefits of the effort on multiple levels.

Because of those risks, the RTI Direct Impact Project for the 2020 Summer season will not be held.

There are a number of important factors regarding safety and public well-bring that lead us to this. We cannot endanger the health of our volunteers who would normally gather at locations around the world for the physical counting and sorting of donated goods. We are a community but also a family, and to protect those we hold near and dear that absolutely includes protecting those who would give of themselves.

On a larger scale, the sheer volume of goods we typically procure for these projects — see our past history of causing cleared-out shelves and dramatically impacted supply chains — would be directly against the help we seek to give. There are those in desperate need of important items being sought everywhere from Amazon and Target to the corner grocery store, and we don’t want to interfere that availability. We also would not want to cause problems for the already strained shipping and delivery resources who are working so hard right now to ensure those goods get where they are most needed.

Plans for the Winter season DIP will continue uninterrupted, and we look forward to that opportunity to rally our fanthropists everywhere, ignite their spirits, and continue to change the world. 🤍🌏