Something we all can get behind.

The Winter Direct Impact Project (DIP) competition of 2019 is now open!

In 2017, all three RTI programs came together to donate several tons of coffee to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria via an inter-program competition that became known as the Fanthropy Coffee Cup (which Whovian Running Club has skillfully won two years in a row!). This year, all FOUR Fanthropy Running Programs will compete in the Direct Impact Competition, but since it is such a cool name, we’ve decided to keep calling it the Coffee Cup…even when there’s no coffee being donated! The winner of the Fanthropy Coffee Cup will be the RTI program that does the best exceeding their goals from the Spring DIP and for this event.

For this DIP, we’re collecting DIAPERS for families in need!

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN), headquartered in New Haven, CT, is recognized as the foremost authority on diaper need in America. NDBN leads a national movement to address the lack of material basic needs among children and families living in poverty.

Without clean diapers:

  • Babies are exposed to potential health risks and toxic stress;
  • Mothers are at risk for increased maternal depression;
  • Parents are unable to access child care, which require a daily supply of diapers; and
  • Parents miss work or school.

NDBN and its more than 200 member diaper bank programs distributed more than 67 million donated diapers last year. While the Fanthropy Running Clubs can’t (quite!) reach that number, we’re going to make a pretty huge impact on the lives of thousands of families!

From 22 November to 12 December, the overall goal of the 2019 Winter Direct Impact Project is to donate more than 200,000 diapers all over the world!

COMPLETE DETAILS including donation item and method specifics, collection addresses, running club “cup points”, and other information are found in the official rules document.

Rally with fanthropists around the world to help take care of our tots!