The shipments have been finalized and counted, and the results of your efforts are in.

Short version? We’re not accustomed to seeing goals surpassed at these levels.

We challenged fanthropists to collect and ship in school supplies for Simon Says Give, to use in a world record attempt to pack over 8,000 backpacks at the Mall of America this coming July 27. To facilitate SSG with the materials they need to accomplish this, we set some aggressive goals for a three-week period:

Goal: 8,000 pencils
Goal: 4,000 Colored Pencils
Goal: 4,000 Glue Sticks
Goal: 8,000 Highlighters

After this past weekend’s final tally of tall the bulk orders that soared in from around the world…we nearly had to question our math skills:

Total Pencils Received: 174,780
Total Colored Pencils Received: 86,256
Total Glue Sticks Received: 10,502
Total Highlighters Received: 11,191

These are staggering figures, and a testament to the limitless power of a community that rallies around a cause they love and cherish. Our “Pack to the Future” initiative was the rallying cry that spurred tens of thousands of you to wipe out store shelves, stupify postal carriers, and (once again) make online distribution centers question what these “Random Tuesday” people were really up to.

What we are “up to”…is #SoMuchGood.

We cannot thank you enough for your efforts and accomplishments, but we are certainly going to try as we join SSG in Minneapolis on the 27th to watch this momentous event happen. We also owe a huge thanks to the Minnesota Fanthropy Regional Chapter for their hard work in counting and sorting all of these items.

From the first box of pencils to arrive in the Twin Cities, to the final count that showed us that asking for a combined 24,000 school items was met with over a quarter million items sent; you are proof that there is more love and kindness in the world than we could dream…and we’re dreamers by nature.